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Inaugural Edition

May 2019

- The Science of Attraction

- The First Image of a Black Hole Ever Created

- Math Puzzle

- The New Samsung Galaxy Fold

Edition #2

January 2020

- Becoming Superbabies

- Secrets of Gut Microbes

- The Science Behind the Addiction of Social Media

- Riddle/Puzzle: Counterfeit Coins 

MIND Magazine Edition-2withback.jpg
MIND Magazine Edition-3withback.jpg

Edition #3

June 2020

- The Art of Cloning

   Exploring possibilities and ehical objections of cloning

- The Endgame of the Coronavirus Pandemic

- Protecting The Skin From Within

- Fighting the Red Tide: A Sustematic Method to 

  Replicate Cyanobacteria Infection

- Is Stress Genetic: A Study on the Epigenetic Aspect of 

  Danio Rerio

- The Behavior of C. Elegans in Porphyromonas GingiValis

  in Connection with Alzheimer's Disease

- Winglets: Gateway to Aerodynamic Efficiency


Edition #4

February 2021

- Nitrogen on Mars

- Life on Mars vs. Life on Venus

- Introduction to Aerogel: The Revolutionary Lightweight

- Russian Venus vs. American Wars

-The Ethics of Space Colonization 

MIND Magazine Edition-4withback.jpg
MIND Magazine Edition-5withback.jpg

Edition #5

December 2021

- Weighing the Economic ‘Benefits’ of Oil with

  Global Biodiversity Conquest

- Flint Water: A Retrospective

- The Paris Agreement

- Indigenous Groups and Oil Companies in the Americas

- Environmental Justice in Low-income Communities

- Cancer Alley


Edition #6

February 2022

- Aerographene

- The Theories of Motivation

- Cosmic History: Stellar and Planetary Formation

- Oracles

-A Terrifying Future for Beauty Standards 

MIND Magazine Edition-6withback.jpg
Image by Paul Szewczyk


A Collection of Real-Life Stories, Facts, and Poems

Special Edition: The Opioid Project

August 2022

- Addiction

- The Impact of Covid-19 on the Opioid Crisis

- A Series of Poems

- Short Story: Genie

- Short Story: Jenny Jones

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