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Medium Page

As of our plan to expand and make MIND more available, MIND Magazines has created our new Medium page where students are able to publish their articles through our publication. If you are a student who doesn't necessarily want to fully commit to MIND as a writer, but you have a passion for writing and want a platform where people can see and read your writing, you are free to submit an application through our page. 

Also if you want to read fun and interesting articles, go follow our Medium page below! 

Welcome to our Marketing/Communications Team Application!!!

As part of the marketing/communications team for MIND Magazines, you will be posting a variety of content. We will have daily news where you will summarize a scientific news article into a small paragraph and also create a post that includes a picture and headline of the article while the short summary will be the caption. To see examples, you can visit our instagram page @mindmagazines. We want to continue to do similar things on other platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, and Linkedin. In addition to the daily news, members of the social media team will create posts for student applications, MIND Magazine news (i.e. new magazine release, new team member welcome, etc). 


We also want to think of ways in which we can expand our community, whether it is contacting schools, programs, or certain people and as a member of the marketing team, you will help contact people, write emails, and brainstorm ideas in which we can expand MIND Magazines into our community. 



- Must be in 10th grade or higher

- Has experience with Instagram (preferably also TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram as well)

- Is able to summarize daily news articles into a paragraph

- Is able to commit to this everyday or at least every other day

Welcome to our Artists Application!!!

As an artist for MIND Magazines, you will work closely with writers to create images for their articles that is based on their description of what they think will best represent their article. MIND Magazines publishes a magazine three times a year and about once a month, we will have meetings to discuss over the next themes, upcoming events, and the overall status on MIND. As an artist, you are expected to attend these meetings and contribute your role as an artist in MIND. After being accepted as an artist, we will send you an email where we will meet with each of you to update you on what is going on in MIND Magazines and simply introduce one another.  


For us to know about the style of your work and decide whether or not it will be something we would like to see more of at MIND, please submit a piece of your work you have already worked on. 


- Applicant must be in 8th grade or older

- All entries must be freehand artwork drawn. Graphically or computer designed artwork is allowed. 

- No traced or copied artwork is allowed. All of these need to be unique and others will be disqualified. Computer or graphic artwork will be accepted. 

- Forms of media include, but is not limited to, crayons, markers, pencils, pens, chalk, pastels, watercolor, and acrylics

- A good quality photo or scanned copy (jpg, png, pdf files only) of the artwork must be labeled with your name and title of the piece and uploaded to a google drive that you will share the link with us to on the last question of this google form. 

Welcome to our Writers Application!!!

MIND Magazines will publish three times a year in January, April, and September. As a writer of MIND Magazines, you will join our team and create articles relating to the month's magazine themes. We are looking for passionate and innovative students who are not afraid to explore their intellectual limits. 


Our magazine is divided into three sections: Technology news, Scientific Discoveries, Ideas, and, we recently added, OpEd. While technology covers any tech-related news, scientific discoveries go over any recent discoveries in science, engineering, and mathematics. Finally, the ideas section covers the "A" in STEAM, which stands for art. This section usually refers to social sciences such as sociology, psychology, political science, etc. It is created to be a fun section where students can get answers to some of their everyday questions such as "How does the human mind work when it comes to liking someone" or "What is the science behind the voting system?" The last section, OpEd, is an opinion-based article where the writers can share their opinion on a topic while also making sure to be inclusive in their writing and, of course, respecting other people's views. To get an idea of what these sections are, visit: 


When it comes to writing the articles, a group will cycle through each magazine so that other writers can take a break. For example, one group of writers will write articles for a magazine, and in the next magazine, it will be another group.

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