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About Us

Recognized by the Library of Congress with an official ISSN number, MIND magazine is an authentic STEAM-based journal that displays articles written by students that explore every letter of STEAM.

It also includes a section that features students’ projects that also explore STEAM. We specifically created this magazine as a STEAM magazine rather than simply a STEM magazine due to the significant role that art plays in the world of science. Graphic designs, illustrations, photography, and so many other forms of art are crucial in the field of STEM, especially in the designing of an formal, yet aesthetically-pleasing magazine that people could read and enjoy. 


A place where thought is born, reasoning is made, and emotions are felt, the mind is the core of human thought and what enables us access to both the cognitive as well as non-cognitive aspects of our lives. It gives us consciousness and perception of the world around us as well as emotion and reasoning; it is what makes As society has moved forward, we have used our minds to discover, create, and learn about everything around us. Unfortunately, society has found reasons to limit these minds from exploring their curiosity. Whether it’s age, background, or lack of academic knowledge, we have found reasons to put limitations on others and their pursuit in a study. 


MIND Magazine was created with the purpose of eradicating these limitations. We want to educate, intrigue, and allow students of all interests to look into the world of STEAM. There are young brilliant minds everywhere and their thoughts should be made known, rather than concealed. Science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics all touch on some or even all aspects of our lives, whether we know it or not. It is something our society needs to move forward and by allowing people’s ideas, projects, and art to be displayed, we can all contribute to the advancement of society. 


No matter the age, background, or scientific knowledge, we believe that STEAM is something students of all interests can participate in and through this magazine. 


Nathan Park


In MIND, we believe that STEAM is diverse, equitable, and inclusive. Voices of all interested students can participate in and through the magazine.

The Team

Nathan P. 

Founder & Editor-in-Chief

The world of STEAM is an infinite world of knowledge and everyday there is another thing to discover. As Isaac Newton says, “What we know is a drop, what we don’t know is an ocean.” I created MIND Magazines because I wanted to make science universally accessible to everybody, to create a space where students could share and showcase their passions for topics in STEM. MIND Magazines is a platform that creates magazines, articles, and gives students the opportunity to connect with one another and help each other grow. As a kid, I always struggled when learning a scientific concept despite my desire to and the best teachers for me were my friends. They were the ones who helped me understand and I think it's so valuable to have a community of like-minded, passionate kids who are willing to be with you in that journey to learning and growing and that is what MIND Magazines is. In the future, MIND Magazines strives to continue giving more opportunities that can potentially change kids' lives and allow them to pursue in their passions for STEM. 


senior photo.jpg

Sarah S.



James S. 

Co-Founder & Managing Editor

Since entering Dr. G’s classroom for the first time in 9th grade, I have developed a strong curiosity for science and how all aspects of STEAM collide to create such an intricate and magnificent field. While participating at an after school research program, I saw how science creates community. Joining MIND allows me to further explore the world of STEAM and collaborate with peers who are as ardent as I am, all while promoting ethics and equity.

Although MIND is a STEAM magazine, the English language plays just as large of a role. As Managing Editor, I’m able to practice the mechanics of both English and science. The writers focus on the topic and employing their voice, and I ensure all of the elements of an enjoyable and informative article are present. Combining my fascination with science and my love for the English language, MIND has provided the opportunity to strengthen my skills while simultaneously helping others – both writers and readers.


Sarah Sverdlov


Ever since I was little I always enjoyed writing, and aspects of STEAM like mathematics and science didn’t peak my interest. It wasn’t until taking science in seventh grade that I realized how much I enjoyed learning about cells and the biological processes that occur in our world. In ninth grade, my passion began to grow as I was able to research topics of my liking and learn more about the science behind blood types, neurological illnesses, and even our vast solar system. When I joined MIND, I was thrilled to be a part of a team that explored all aspects of STEAM, and focused on creating an inclusive and informative journal. With MIND, I hope to progress my studies and help others become knowledgeable about more topics that are important to improving today’s society.


Dr. Gonzalez-Sericchio

Consultant & Coordinator

Aidyl Gonzalez-Serricchio earned her Doctorate in Molecular Genetics at California Institute of Technology, then continued her post-doctoral work on myotonic dystrophy at the Institute of Genetic Medicine at the University of California. Aidyl later became the co-Principal investigator on sperm motility and mitochondrial defects using roundworms as the investigative tool and lecturer...

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