About Us

Recognized by the Library of Congress with an official ISSN number, MIND magazine is an authentic STEAM-based journal that displays articles written by students that explore every letter of STEAM.

It also includes a section that features students’ projects that also explore STEAM. We specifically this magazine, a STEAM magazine rather than simply a STEM magazine due to the significant role that art plays in the world of science. Graphic designs, illustrations, photography, and so many other forms of art are crucial in the field of STEM, especially in the designing of an formal, yet aesthetically-pleasing magazine that people could read and enjoy. 


A place where thought is born, reasoning is made, and emotions are felt, the mind is the core of human thought and what enables us access to both the cognitive as well as non-cognitive aspects of our lives. It gives us consciousness and perception of the world around us as well as emotion and reasoning; it is what makes us...us. As society has moved forward, we have used our minds to discover, create, and learn about everything around us. Unfortunately, society has found reasons to limit these minds from exploring their curiosity. Whether it’s age, background, or lack of academic knowledge, we have found reasons to put limitations on others and their pursuit in a study. 


MIND Magazine was created with the purpose of eradicating these limitations. We want to educate, intrigue, and allow students of all interests to look into the world of STEAM. There are young brilliant minds everywhere and their thoughts should be made known, rather than concealed. Science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics all touch on some or even all aspects of our lives, whether we know it or not. It is something our society needs to move forward and by allowing people’s ideas, projects, and art to be displayed, we can all contribute to the advancement of society. 


No matter the age, background, or scientific knowledge, we believe that STEAM is something students of all interests can participate in and through this magazine. 


Nathan Park


In MIND, we believe that STEAM is diverse, equitable, and inclusive. Voices of all interested students can participate in and through the magazine.

Meet the Team

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Nathan P. 

Dr. Gonzalez-Serricchio

Founder & Editor-in-Chief

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James S. 

Consultant & Coordinator

Aidyl Gonzalez-Serricchio earned her Doctorate in Molecular Genetics at California Institute of Technology, then continued her post-doctoral work on myotonic dystrophy at the Institute of Genetic Medicine at the University of California. Aidyl later became the co-Principal investigator on sperm motility and mitochondrial defects using roundworms as the investigative tool and lecturer...

The world of STEAM is an infinite world of knowledge and everyday there is another thing to discover. As Isaac Newton says, “What we know is a drop, what we don’t know is an ocean.” I created MIND Magazines because I wanted to create a space where students could share their understandings of a certain topic to other students who were interested because learning a concept from someone of similar age is easier and also more relatable. I also knew there were students who would write amazing articles during their free time that were full of intriguing information, but did not have a place where they could share these articles. This is what inspired me to create MIND Magazines so that students can teach, learn, and express their love for STEAM.

Executive Board & Social Media Director

Ever since I entered Dr. G’s classroom for the first time in 9th grade, I have developed a strong curiosity for science and how all aspects of STEAM collide to create such an intricate and magnificent field. While participating at an after school research program, I saw how science creates community. Joining MIND allows me to further explore the world of STEAM and collaborate with peers who are as ardent as I am, all while promoting ethics and equity.


Naila M. 

Joey S.

Joey Serricchio is an artist and designer living in Los Angeles California. He is a new media artist, sculptor, and designer. His work centers around exploration and joining art and science. Through science and art he hopes to push the boundary of where we see consciousness and how we empathize with the world around us. He is currently getting his bachelor's degree in fine art from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena.

MIND Magazines Writer

I'm a 15-year-old passionate about making impact in the sustainability sector. I'm currently making a bioplastic from duckweed and building transparent and flexible solar cells in a lab. My debut novel, "Chronicles of Illusions: The Blue Wild" which was published by Pegasus Publishing when I was 14 is available around the world from Barnes and Nobles, Indigo, WHSmith, and Waterstones.

Sarah S.

Executive Board

Ever since I was little I always enjoyed writing, and aspects of STEAM like mathematics and science didn’t peak my interest. It wasn’t until taking science in seventh grade that I realized how much I enjoyed learning about cells and the biological processes that occur in our world. In ninth grade, my passion began to grow as I was able to research topics of my liking and learn more about the science behind blood types, neurological illnesses, and even our vast solar system. Both my parents have studied medicine, and they encouraged my curiosities in this field of study. When I joined MIND, I was so excited to be a part of a team that explored all aspects of STEAM, and focused on creating an inclusive and informative journal. Not only is MIND an incredible way to express your ideas, but it's a wonderful tool to stay informed and learn more about current events in the STEAM field. With MIND, I hope to progress my studies and help others become knowledgeable about more topics that are important to improving today’s society.

Art Director


Vale R.

Executive Board

When I was growing up, I always had a limitless interest in all different kinds of vehicles. First it was construction vehicles, then tractors, then trains, then airplanes. Eventually, aircraft became my favorite. My fascination with how these huge vehicles were able to fly and living near the LAX airport were definitely contributing factors. Since those early years, my curiosity has not slowed down by any means. In school, the STEM subjects were usually my favorite classes. Not only did I like the subjects a lot, but I knew that these subjects were key to understanding aviation. In 2018, I went on my first real flight with an instructor, and my simulator practice paid off. The feeling of flight is unexplainably amazing and my interest only grew. Most recently, I have received my student pilot certificate. I have done my own research into aerodynamics, such as how winglets, stall fences, and vortex generators can improve a plane’s efficiency. Growing up in Southern California, I witnessed severe and frequent wildfires. This inspired me to focus my current research on firefighting aircraft, and how enhancements to their wings can improve firefighting efficiency. However, aviation does not define me entirely; I also am interested in researching other fascinating technologies with the same inquisitiveness. This includes spacecraft, telescopes, and sustainable energy installations. I hope to convince MIND magazine readers to enjoy these technologies as much as I do! I am honored to be on the MIND Magazine team.

Yang P.

MIND Magazines Writer

​​I am Yang Peng from Brentwood School. I am a sophomore and I love the whole world with STEAM. I first saw the application site of MIND Magazine from my school assembly. I checked out the website of MIND Magazine immediately after assembly and I found many interesting articles about different branches of STEAM on the  website. I am very happy to be part of that big family and I am very excited to have a place to show my passion and contribute to the field of STEAM. My favorite branch of steam is science and I love everything about Biology. Hope you guys enjoy my articles!


Mishtpreet K.

MIND Magazines Writer

Namaste! (Greetings) My name is Mishtpreet and I am from India. I am a 10th grade student. Usually the beginning of our lives starts with learning new things, being fascinated, curious and is in motion till the time we are alive. The only thing which makes each of us different from others is what we are curious for. Space exploration, nature and being spiritual are the three main things which have always fascinated me thus, this makes me different. Being part of Mind Magazine (world changers team) and contributing them as a writer has proved to be really significant for me.

Cheryl H.

MIND Magazines Writer

My interest in STEAM first began in the playground during recess. My friends and I would catch grasshoppers to feed the tarantula that her homeroom teacher had at home. Since then, my interests have evolved to include the technological advancements for the conservation and understanding of archival artifacts.

Michelle S. 

MIND Magazines Writer

In 6th grade, I became really interested in STEAM, specifically the intersection of coding, robotics, and medicine. Since then, I have been an active participant in coding, robotics, and STEAM programs at my school. I am passionate about increasing access to STEAM education and have been working to create mobile STEAM classrooms for underserved schools and communities.